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"If you don’t make it personal you won’t break the habit.  
 Break the habit! Make it personal! Before it breaks you!"




Life changing 

Brendan is a motivational speaker who inspires and provokes powerful responses from his audience. He talks with deep passion about the life experiences that have brought him to where he is today.


Road trauma has had a significant impact on Brendan's life- he sustained a life altering spinal injury in a severe car accident at age 22 and he has endured the heartbreaking loss of several close family members in separate road trauma incidents. Brendan has also experienced other significant challenges and hurdles in his life surrounding depression as well as drugs and alcohol.

As a motivational speaker, Brendan uses his life experiences as a platform to reach out to others and to inspire and incite positive change in their lives. He regularly speaks to schools, universities, work places, sporting clubs and youth intervention programs as well as having made appearances on radio and television to share his story. 

Key Talking Points:
  • Road safety
  • Risky behaviour
  • Mental health
  • Disability awareness
  • Life changing experiences

"Powerful and personal"


Brendan's message:


“I want to educate people, to share my life stories in the hope that it may touch others and help those in need. As difficult as my past has been, it has given me a gift- it has given me the ability to transform negative situations into positive experiences and has allowed me to pass on my own life lessons in the hope of enriching someone else's future. Life can be the hardest teacher; we have to learn, grow and make changes before it’s too late.  If I can share the lessons I have learned from my life, then hopefully I can help make someone else’s life better”.


Please contact Brendan for any further information or if you would like him to present to your school or organisation:

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"GippSport has found Brendan to be able to relate to people of all ages through his engaging personality."
"Brendan's speech truly touched my heart. It is really inspirational seeing how strong he is after everything he has endured." 


"It was quite an emotional presentation and his talk made me rethink my bad habits." 
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